Service Introduction



Planning and development of new products

We are doing the suggestion including Blanding.
And we make collaboration with other companies
and develop a product.
Chia seeds and Hakkou SEVEN PLUS
are collaboration products with avex beauty method.

avex beauty method


New products are created from your thoughts and stories.

  1. Needs
    Our product starts by knowing the customer’s needs.
  2. Story
    Our customer has a story.
    We understand thought of the customer well and develop products with their story.
  1. Repeated
    trial production
    We will continue to develop prototypes many times.
    Not only delicious but also safe quality we aim to create a unique product with a high degree of perfection.
  2. Completion
    Of course, we produce the product package.
    It is the birth of the new private brand.



Import and export of goods

We source beverages, snacks, condiments from overseas and wholesale/distribute the products to domestic retailers and wholesalers.

Product introduction



Wholesale of goods

We handle domestic national brands and
also specialize in 3PL.
Our warehouse has been certified JAS Organic