Chia Seed Konnyaku Jelly

Hakkou Plus

​"Hakkou(Fermened) Plus" is a new series added to our hit product "Chia Seed Konyakku Jelly". 

This series uses functional fruit juices, which have been fermented to produce probiotics and other enzymes. "Fermented Fruit Juice", "Chia Seeds" and "Konnyaku" a golden triangle of ingredients to help create beauty from within. 

Chia Seed Konnyaku Jelly

​"Konnyaku" has been known in Japan as a superfood that "Cleans" the digestive system.

This product is a collaboration between an international superfood, "Chia Seed" and a Japanese superfood, "Konnyaku". 

A "guilt-free" Jelly snack that is delicious, yet functional for a healthier lifestyle. 

Big Island Organics

A organic lemonade company first started in 1996 on the Island of Hawaii. Using a simple recipe with minimum ingredients, "Big Island Organics" has created a great tasting and refreshing lemonade. 
​First sold locally in Hawaii, this product has taken the US by storm and is now being sold throughout the country. 

​Huli-Huli Sauce

"Huli" means "turn" in Hawaiian, a phrase used in the old days when it was time to turn the meat over on a open fire grill. Today, Hawaii's Famous "Huli-Huli Sauce" is used to marinate meats of all kinds, especially chicken, making an irresistible Hawaiian BBQ feast every time.

Minor Figures

Minor Figures Oat Milk is naturally engineered to calibrate its performance perfectly when paired with coffee. It doesn’t split in the lightest roasts, and textures to the perfect micro-foam when steamed. We have opted for a creamy but clean texture –in order to focus on each individual coffee’s fidelity and well balanced acidity.



L'ovedbaby was founded in 2004 by a mom. With keen attention to detail, great fit, colors and styles, the company has grown into a worldwide distributor of organic baby/kids clothing and nursing covers/accessories.