We source beverages, snacks, condiments from overseas and wholesale/distribute the products to domestic retailers and wholesalers.


We handle domestic national brands and also specialize in 3PL. Our warehouse has been certified JAS Organic.


​Our next business phase is to develop and brand our original products. "Chia Seed Konnyaku Jelly" is our first, with many more to come. 

JAS is the official certifying body for "Organic" products in Japan. Only officially certified importers are allowed to import and claim "Organic" on their products.  A certified company is inspected annually for their quality  and maintenance of product and facilities. 

Ganbaru Kigyou


We have been selected as "Ganbaru Kigyo​ Ace" by the Kanagawa Prefecture. Only a few companies are are selected every year out of hundreds of startups in the Kanagawa Prefecture. 
The companies selected are based on their innovative business models and their contribution to the prefecture. 

​JAS Certified