From the import and export of food
Until planning and development
of new products.
Make everyone happy with safe food.

At Wakashou we handle everything from Food, Confectionary,
Beverages to Household Items and Clothing.
We select products that we believe will provide
a better lifestyle for all consumers.


Planning and development of new products

We make collaboration with other companies and develop a product.
We are doing the suggestion including Blanding.

Product of design
and development

Import and export of goods

We source beverages, snacks, condiments
from overseas and wholesale/distribute the products
to domestic retailers and wholesalers.

The import and export
of goods

Wholesale of goods

We handle domestic national brands and also specialize in 3PL.
Our warehouse has been certified JAS Organic.

Wholesale of goods

LED rental business for events such as exhibitions

LED large rental vision which we can assemble to various size

We arrange the booth which we can solicit using a large-scale vision. We start to rent this LED vision.

It can be easily assembled into various sizes,
so we can change the size according to the space.
You can use it only for a few days.
Please feel free to contact us.

LED rental vision