LED vision rental business for events such as exhibitions

Large LED rental vision that can be assembled in various sizes

In the case of the exhibition, We arrange the booth which we can solicit using a large-scale vision.

We actually had a lot of inquiries of LED vision in the booth.
Therefore I start to rent LED vision.

It can be easily assembled into various sizes,so you can change the size according to the space.
Please do use it.

High-brightness, high-definition powerful vision

Features of Wakashou Vision

  1. High-brightness vision for outdoor type.When you use it indoors, it is extreme brightness
  2. The highest definition display for outdoor type
  3. Screen size can be selected from 4 patterns.
  4. Our staff is resident during a rental period.
    It is not necessary to do troublesome operation.
  5. We also make the contents.

The contents, movies and pictures are very important to project on the large-scale vision.
We also make contents, please feel free to contact us.

Only a power supply, please get ready.
Please leave it to us all from setting to withdrawal.

Our staff is resident during a rental period.

You can use it only one day.

LED display specifications

Waterproof and lightweight type for both outdoor and indoor use

Ultra high definition 3.9mm pitch full color LED

Up to 4500 nits
* Brightness can be set arbitrarily

Voltage 200V

Maximum power supply capacity 8kw
* For w4000 * h3000

Selectable Vision Size

The most appealing and powerful big screen

W4000mm * H3000mm

1024px * 768px

Square screen of the popularity with the impact

W3000mm * H3000mm

768px * 768px

Easy-to-use popular vertical type

W2000mm * H3000mm

512px * 768px

The most compact! Great for trials

W1000mm * H3000mm

256px * 768px